Awareness | Online Exams – Consider the list

Planning to conduct an online mode of examination using a Computer-Based virtual test model. Here I have put forth a few checklists for your quick review to get things on track.

  • Exam from the safe, noiseless, and secure environment like homes, offices, classrooms or at some good isolated place.
  • Use of laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad, or desktop with working internet
  • Good internet speed.
  • Integrated or connectivity with webcam is ideal
  • The computer or the virtual device is to be connected to an uninterrupted power source throughout the exam process
  • Use of Identity card, rough sheet, uniform, formals, dress code, calculator
  • Any other accessories required are to be intimated in prior  
  • Any minimum system or device requirements are to be communicated prior
  • Ambience and seating to be in a well-lit area, dust-free, visibility of the face 
  • Usage of electronic gadgets except that are communicated are not allowed
  • Use mobile from a registered number
  • Do not leave the seat or focus on the cam until you complete the exam
  • Background application, parallel window, multiple browsers not allowed to be opened
  • Monitored break for drinking water, medication if any or any other exigencies to be considered in prior
  • Disturbing webcam should trigger auto-submit or end exam
  • Human Proctoring or AI or both proctored