Worry and Happiness

When you talk on the same problem it does not help out to resolve.
Worrying won’t solve your problems, but it doubles your Sorrowful thought.

When you listen to a joke multiple times, you can’t laugh at same joke with the same enthusiasm you laughed earlier. It’s does not multiply your happiness.

Actually you feel it’ll just waste your time and energy. Because you don’t add value to it.

Learn to add value to Happiness rather than to sorrows.

Have a great day !

Self Valuation

“If you are dependent on external validation often, you get exploited, Remember to trust your passion & unlearn to relearn your value will move higher.”

– Curated by Kirupakar .S

Just A Thought

“Creator Only Knows The Value of the Creation He/She Has Made,

The Destroyer Do Not Have The Knowledge To Valuate Any Creations.”

– Curated By Kirupakar .S

Just A Thought

Value of Money depends on the Print, Value of Human depends on his Character and Behavior, Not on his Wealth and Power.

– Kovai Kirupakar