16th March | National Vaccination Day

National vaccination day (AKA) Immunization Day – Celebrated every year on March 16.

Historical Importance: The national vaccination India was first celebrated on March 16th in 1995, and on this day 1st oral dose of polio vaccine was started in the country.

The Indian government also began to vaccinate people against severe diseases like CoronoVirus, Malaria, Bird flu, Nipah virus, Omicron, Swine flu, Dengue, TB, Tetanus, Mumps, and much more.

India is a country with a vast population of approx 1403 Million as of today (Worldometer), and most of the deaths in the country happen because of a lack of knowledge; with proper knowledge, we can save tons of lives. 

Expectations: The government of India would be releasing a new program to mark the national vaccination day 2022. And since India is under the severe attack of covid-19, the celebration of this day holds much more significance than it used to. 

2022 | Hobbies & Passion | Pandemic wave plans


Are we getting into yet another pandemic lockdown across the globe?

This is year let us get our small set of preparation right.

What drives you as Hobbies and Passion? During Lockdown day to avoid stress and best use of time.

Have a great day ahead and Thank you in anticipation!

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