KUTTY STORY | Ideal Body – Health Tips

One of the Medical / Health Awareness shares that I came across, I am sharing here for your benefit, the suggestion mentioned here may also depend on geographic region or medical recomendations that may be available for you from time to time.

  1. Blood pressure: 120 / 80
  2. Pulse: 70 – 100
  3. Temperature: 36.8 – 37
  4. Respiration: 12-16
  5. Hemoglobin: Males (13.50-18) | Females ( 11.50 – 16 )
  6. Cholesterol: 130 – 200
  7. Potassium: 3.50 – 5
  8. Sodium: 135 – 145
  9. Triglycerides: 220
  10. The amount of blood in the body: Pcv 30-40%
  11. Sugar: for Children (70-130) | for Adults: 70 – 115
  12. Iron: 8-15 mg
  13. White blood cells: 4000 – 11000
  14. Platelets: 150,000 – 400,000
  15. Red blood cells: 4.50 – 6 million
  16. Calcium: 8.6 – 10.3 mg/dL
  17. Vitamin D3: 20 – 50 ng/ml (nanograms per millilitre)
  18. Vitamin B12: 200 – 900 pg/ml
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Tips for those who have reached Over: the 40 years, the 50 years & the 60 years

First Tip:
Always drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty or need it, the biggest health problem and most of them is the lack of water in the body. Minimum 2 litres per day (24 hours).

Second tip:
Play sports even when you are at the top of your pre-occupation. The body must be moved, even if only by walking or swimming or any kind of sports. Walking is good for a start.

Third Tip:
Reduce food. Leave excessive food cravings, because it never brings good.
Don’t deprive yourself, but reduce the quantities. Use a better quantity of protein, and reduce carbohydrates-based foods.

Fourth Tip:
As much as possible, do not use the car unless absolutely necessary. Try to walk on your feet for what you want ( grocery, visiting someone) or any goal. Claim stairs, then use elevator, escalator.

Fifth Tip:
Let go of ANGER…
Let go of STRESS…
Let go of WORRY…. try to overlook small things…

Do not involve yourself in situations of disturbance, they all diminish health and take away the splendour of the soul. Talk to people who are positive. Listen more.

Sixth Tip;
As it is said, leave your Money in the Sun, and sit in the shade, don’t limit yourself and those around you, money was made to live by it, not to live for it.

Seventh Tip:
Don’t make yourself feel sorry for anyone, nor for something you could not achieve, or anything that you could not Own. Ignore it, Forget it.

Eighth Tip:
Beinig Human – Being Humble with Humility, for Money, for Prestige, for Power and to Influence, and for are all things that are corrupted by arrogance. Humility is what brings people closer to you with Love.

Ninth Tip:
If your hair turns Grey, this does not mean the End of Life. It is proof that a Better life has Begun.
Be Optimistic, live with Remembrance, Travel, Enjoy yourself. Make Memories!

The Right Now Moment

Be like MONEY or GOLD, it does not lower its value in any condition untill burnt or discarded.

An person should posses such quality that does not decline an individual’s value based on any strata.”

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Proverb Week – Day 5

“Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick.”

As it’s with time we human-run behind money but, in the long run, we understand that to be in good health is wiser than earning money and spending them to regain health at later date.

Example: A successful business tycoon has been on the run from post to pillars of the hospital for the last two months because of medical ailments. We also see many people who are poor but yet lead a happy life with health and satisfaction.

Proverb Week – Day 2

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Foolish people do not know how to keep a hold on to their money that is been hard-earned.

Example: Few people give up their entire earnings, property, money, ATM, mobile PIN or any other confidential info just believing in a verbal promise from strangers or others. Property and Wealth that are owned by a foolish person are at ease to perish as they lack the knowledge of their value.

Kutty Story | Good Companion – Bad Leader

Money 💰- Companion👥 than Leader🕴️

Money opens many doors of possibilities, when we use the money for our welfare it shall be a very good companion.

On the other hand, we now chase money in a way making it lead us.

What we fail to understand is that money is a bad leader, which leads us to debt, worries, Depression, Burden, etc.

Think Wisely and Live Happily 😃😀😄😆🥳🤗😉