Week 26 | 26th June 22 to 02nd July 22 | Weekly Thought Munch


Thoughtful Message – I wish to share this with you all readers. Though the message shared do not apply as a universal personality behaviour of goodwill gesture, but it is true that a small act on such goodwill act of kindness and courtesy shall be of great trait of humanity.

Curated Image: Kovai Kirupakar

The message that is been narrated goes like this:

In a meeting With, Guru Ji asked a 30-year-old youth to stand up during his discourse.

Guru Ji inquired – You are walking on Juhu Chowpatty in Mumbai and a beautiful girl is coming from the front, so what will you do?

The young man said – She will be seen, and he will start seeing her personality.

Guru Ji asked – After that girl has moved forward, so will you look back too?

The boy said – yes if my wife is not with me.  (everyone laughs in the meeting)

Guru Ji again asked – Tell me how long will you remember that beautiful face?

The young man said Maybe for 5 – 10 minutes until another beautiful face appears.

Guru Ji said to the young man – now just imagine. you are going from Jaipur to Mumbai and I gave you a packet of books and said that this packet should be delivered to such a great person in Mumbai.

You went to his house in Mumbai to deliver the packets.

When you saw his house, you came to know that he is a  billionaire. 

10 vehicles are parked on the porch of his bungalow and 5 watchmen are standing outside the house.

You sent the information of your arrival along with the packet, then that gentleman himself came out and greeted you. 

He took the packet from you. Then when you started to return leave the place, you were requested very humbly by him to come inside his home.  He sat beside you and fed you hot food.

While you were returning, He asked you – how have you come to my house?

You said – in the local train.

He asked his driver to take you to your destination and as soon as you were about to reach your place, that billionaire dignitary made a call to you and asked – Brother, have you reached comfortably!

Now tell me how long will you remember those great men?

The young man said – Guru Ji!  I will never forget that person in my life,  till I die in life.

Addressing the gathering through the youth, Guru Ji said – “This is the reality of life.”

“Beautiful face is remembered for a short time, but beautiful behaviour is remembered for life.”

That’s the Guru mantra of life. Concentrate on the beauty of your behaviour more than the beauty of your face and body. Life will become enjoyable for yourself and unforgettable inspirational for others.

Now, after reading this I recall few goodwill act of kindness I happen to come accross in my life time. I still remember and follow a few, a few I think over as a shown over un-deserving personalities in my life. Either ways this has impacted me to work on "Keep the Good Going" as a motto in my life. 

Hope you will also have a trip down your memories of goodwill that you had received.

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