The Right Now Moment

“Knowledge Is Not Vested In Power or Position Nor with Education, Knowledge is With Everyone Who Knows Something, Learn, Re-Learn and Unlearn Something From Everyone.”

– Curated By Kirupakar .S

Just A Thought

“Creator Only Knows The Value of the Creation He/She Has Made,

The Destroyer Do Not Have The Knowledge To Valuate Any Creations.”

– Curated By Kirupakar .S

Volunteering – Team Everest

Certificate of Volunteering

Using the COVID-19 Lockdown usefully by what you know and know for the benefit of someone is one of the best things that you can do. This gives a level of satisfaction of sharing your experience and expertise to those who may actually be in need and may not have the fortune to access it. I have shared with this my volunteering experience. Kudos’s to Team Everest for their continuous effort and never bending down the level of support for making this happen on schedule and in a professional way for the Mock Interview session. If interested to volunteer for an activity at Team Everest please click HERE

Have you done anything like this?

If not try what the best you can for the betterment of others?

If Yes keep the Good Going…

Awareness | CATO Kids E-Academy

Dear Parents,

Are Your kids tired of repeated Academic Learning?

Now CATO Kids has launched a Program to wipe away your child’s boredom and recreate their fun-based learning activities.

SKILL-UP Program:

– 3-month program
– Total 36 sessions
– 3 sessions per week
– Certification
– Rs 500/- per session

Join for fun-based Learning.

Contact Us: +918144094490