2022 | Hobbies & Passion | Pandemic wave plans


Are we getting into yet another pandemic lockdown across the globe?

This is year let us get our small set of preparation right.

What drives you as Hobbies and Passion? During Lockdown day to avoid stress and best use of time.

Have a great day ahead and Thank you in anticipation!

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Child Labour Day

I pitty and feel shame on those human, who are Nugatory and Clumsy that they exploit child for labour.

Courageous and Smart people Educate and Empower them to light the entire world for the generation to come.

Trophy Case | Strava

My regular spend hours has soon a slow start tough it was, now been through this long time. Quite a good improvement that I see for myself.

I just wish I got to keep this moving and getting better. A hard time ahead that does not guarantee anything but ambiguity in everything in life alone.

Hope and Persistence keep the energy for movement.

Just A Thought

Everyone looks for a Change,

That can bring in the Good in everyone as the New Way,

When the Time throws a Challenge at you to test your Perseverance and Patience,

That’s when you look for a New Beginning.

– Kovai Kirupakar