Week 18 | 01st May 22 to 07th May 22 | Weekly Thought Munch

Proverb Week – Day 5

“Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick.”

As it’s with time we human-run behind money but, in the long run, we understand that to be in good health is wiser than earning money and spending them to regain health at later date.

Example: A successful business tycoon has been on the run from post to pillars of the hospital for the last two months because of medical ailments. We also see many people who are poor but yet lead a happy life with health and satisfaction.

The Right Now Moment

“Relish, Enjoy And Love Every Moment of Your Life. You Can Not Save It.

There Is No Bank That Can Refund Nor Return Back Once You Wish To Do So In Your Life.”

Curated By Kirupakar .S

Just A Thought

“Comparison Is A Poison That Ruins Happiness, The Poison Kills Our Happiness By Overvaluing What Others Have And Undervaluing What We Have.”

Curated By Kirupakar .S