Vacation Hangout Location in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

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A serene beauty of mother earth & lush green nature provides you a wide range of facilities in indulging yourself to explore new experiences & unbelievable moments only at SR Jungle Resort, Anaikatti, Coimbatore.

Resort Facilities:
Two Types of Restaurants
24×7 Traditional Coffee Kudil
24×7 Restaurants
2 Bars
SPA & Wellness
Fitness Centre (Gym)
Yoga/ Zumba Dance Hall
Indoor Games Hall
Outdoor Games
Sports Corner
2 Open Air Auditoriums
4 Banquet Halls with seating capacity of 80 Pax, 100 Pax, 300 Pax & 500 Pax
Board meeting Hall
Live Food Counter Facility
Kids Play Area
Family Swimming Pool/Bachelors Swimming Pool/Day Out Swimming Pool/Private Swimming Pool/Ladies Swimming Pool/Mom & Kid’s Swimming Pool
Fishing Pond
Birds Park
Boutique Shop
Nature Walk
Mia Walk Garden Visit
Family Events and Activities
In-House Miracle Event Team
Corporate Event Team
Space for Team Activities
Sit-Out Areas
Individual Parking Space
Valet Parking
Buggy Service
Doctor on Call
24×7 In-House Ambulances
24×7 Reception & Lounge
24×7 Security Service

Location Facilities:
Organic Farm Visit
Adventure Park Visit
River Dip
Animal Watching
Watch Tower

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Destination Wedding:
Destination Wedding Hall with 500 Pax Seating Capacity
Concept Wedding Space with 1500 Pax Seating Capacity

Nearby Attractions:
Salim Ali Center of Ornithology – 4.5Kms
Arsha Vidya Gurukulam – 3.5Kms
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – 3Kms
Sholayur Windmills – 7.5Kms
Siruvani River – 9Kms
Bhavani River – 13Kms
Malleshwaram Temple – 26Kms
Silent Valley National Park – 41Kms
Baralikadu Eco Tourism – 40Kms
Pillur Dam – 48Kms
Ooty – 88.3Kms

SR Jungle Resort is the right destination to rejoice in traditional varieties of lip-smacking authentic local specialties. The warm traditional hospitality of our crew will make your visit most memorable be it a Family, Friends, Couple or Corporate.

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12th June | Child Labour Day

I pitty and feel shame on those humans, who are Nugatory and Clumsy that they exploit children for labour.

Courageous and Smart people Educate and Empower them to light the entire world for the generation to come.

Way Marker | Trophy Case | Strava

My regular spend hours has soon a slow start though it was, now been through this long time. Quite a good improvement that I see for myself.

I just wish I got to keep this moving and getting better. A hard time ahead does not guarantee anything but ambiguity in everything in life alone.

Hope and Persistence keep the energy for movement.

Kutty Story | Entrepreneur In You?

Quote on Topic
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Profit and Market share alone does not qualify and quantify them for the standard that they possess from an eminent institute that they belong to, we may see many of such Entrepreneurs who have come up as business giants with Simple education or nearly insignificant qualification largely.

Do this alone justify the means? (You may have your perspective on this.)

To become an entrepreneur you need not be a graduate from a top institute. If you think so, I may also request you to think of graduate scholars from prime institute each year vis-a-vis Entrepreneurs they become who are efficient in Growth journey, Sustainability, and their contribution to the society.

Let us see a few things that make that makes an entrepreneurial journey complete.

Zeal: Entrepreneur if you want to be, you need to start looking out for Problems around you and think of what you can do about it. You need to have the Zeal to undergo learning and gain insights with an open mind.

Brainstorming: Connect with the Field Experts, Peers, or thought leaders who can share ideas and experience for more Idea generation that can help you with solving a real-world problem, give back to Society and yet generate money.

Problem Identification: Once you have done with your brainstorming, chart down out fine problems that can lead to a specific Process design that helps you in Fund generation, Market Viability (for the Product or Service), Sustainability, Executable Action Plan and Scalability in the future.

Be S.M.A.R.T: Make your business idea a SOLUTION (Product or Service) that can a MEANINGFUL contribution to the user that is ADVANTAGEOUS and can help the user with RE-ACTIONABLE support that brings in utility for the long sustainable TIMELESS duration of scalability. 

Created by Kirupakar .S
  • Solution – Solution that your idea provides in the form of a Product or Service shall be an affiliated component for the clients business. E.g.: a Catalyst to the core business process
  • Meaningful – The Solution shall provide a meaningful improvement or benefit that can be a contributor for the clients business. E.g.: a report that aids decision-making
  • Advantageous – The Solution shall become provide inevitable support by its presence in the clients business. E.g.: an integral lead generation mechanism that stimulates further business by digital media integration
  • Reactionable – The Solution shall bring in insights that can caution on sustainable changes that the clients’ customer makes to keep their business abreast with trends and requirement in the future. E.g.: an expected change in demand over a newly arrived model by the competitor offering
  • Timeless – The Solution does not go obsolete, but shall adopt to the changes with time and scalable as well. E.g.: offer upscaling or customisation based on statutory compliances and market demands.

Believe that once you have these in place, you are almost ready for the journey of Entrepreneurship.

However, there are other Challenges, Psychological Preparation and Sacrifices that you need to think of before your venture.

Best Wishes for your Entrepreneurial journey soon.

TINKLE Sevaa | Special Day – Special Giving

Celebrate your Birthday, Anniversary, Memories, Remembrance and Other Occasions by Supporting TINKLE Sevaa Rural and Tribal girl kids at Pannimadai and Anaikatti.

Check out TINKLE Sevaa on Google!

Kutty Story | Nightmare or Oblivion

We always do dream of our Life, Work, Love, Vacation, Success and What Not those are Awaited or Aspired about Our Future, But Life Never Seems to be the Same at Some Point When We are Struck with a Nightmare that can change the Way We look from the Point of our Oblivion. Every Thing Around us is a Chaos and our Past Experience and Efforts are Nullified. And Now is the Breaking Point that We Need to Actually Think of Not Quitting But Still be THERE (Position) in the Race of Life be THERE (Finish) in the Destiny of Life. Ultimately We Are Here To Sound Out Louder Than Before That Faith & Belief to Win Over Destiny.