Tinkle Sevaa| Kids Performance| Manimalar – AIR | On 06.07.22 & 13.07.22 – 11:30am

Tinkle Sevaa kids performance show “Manimalar” to be aired on “Kovai – All In Radio” by 06-07-2022 & 13-07-2022 at around 11:30am.


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Kutty Story | Good Read – Pledge

Dear friends,

It is our duty to preserve the freedom we got. It is our responsibility to hand over a better & happier India to coming generations.

From this day onwards let us take a simple pledge to ourselves for our country

  1. Vote every election that elects a public representative
  2. Promote our culture and values
  3. Protect the environment – from air, noise, water and soil pollution
  4. Save electricity and fuel
  5. Obey traffic rules and blow fewer-horn
  6. Respect Queues all the time
  7. Donate blood regularly and organs after death
  8. Join or encourage near ones to join the defence services
  9. Not litter or spit in public
  10. Pay taxes honestly
  11. Raise voice against atrocities against the weak
  12. Educate an unrelated child and promote literacy
  13. Discourage communal passions
  14. Not give or receive a bribe
  15. Discourage bureaucracy. Use the Right To Information Act, when required.

Hope & wish that we abide ourselves at Least this Lifetime Pledge For Our Country.

Thank You,