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Registered Under MSME - GoI - UDYAM REGISTRATION NUMBER: UDYAM-TN-03-0000063

Become a freelance content writer


Have you ever thought of being an independent owner?

Did you think of not slaving yourself for someone else?

Have you driven towards your dream with passion?

Then this article may interest you to become a freelance content writer. Know and acquire the skills through courses for content writing with the help of your writing skill, and creativity.

Why Become a Freelancer:

Freelancing is an amazing career choice, which means No Boss, No long work time, No Travelling required, No blame pain, No Reporting, and No Review etc.

As of date, the world is changing in a rapid phase with more business challenges compelling people to more legal compliances and restrictions. A freelancer is an individual who has choices beyond geographical boundaries, legal access to earn globally with less finance compliance. As a Freelancer, you have access to unlimited potential for income, working at your comfort, place, and time.

Requisite of a Freelancer:

Being a Freelancer requires many other skills apart from putting in your best effort, creativity, qualification, network, and technology competencies.

You require to be the latest and best in everything you do, be it technology, writing standards, Professional style, Networking Approach, Presenting oneself, etc.

Below are the few prerequisites of a Freelancer:

i. Know Self:

Self-awareness is a key aspect of being a successful freelancer. Remember to point down your passion, an area of expertise, your interest, and your niche.

Ask these questions to know yourself;

What is your obsession? What have you read? What skills from your day job can translate into a writing career?

ii. Personal Brand Creation:

Start creating a portfolio by noting key things that you possess that may help or support someone in need of your skills and expertise. Select a couple of role models in your field of interest that you admire to follow them regularly.

Do understand the Work, Failures and success stories to reach the height. You May consider blog posting, Content writing, Reviews, Adhoc gig work related to your field, etc.

iii. Learn and Work:

Being abreast with the industrial expectation, you need to be at your toes and thoughts. Invest in learning and Kick-start your work with little earning as well if required. Learn multiple courses for content writing or any other certification to acquire your Credentials professionally and make your mark above the rest.

Share more on your personal brand. Write, Post Review, Share inputs on Social Media that can help others and show your expertise.

iv. Prepare to Present:

In the competitive world, you need a cut above the rest to get your blade across the trunk to start your cash flowing. To have a better impression, you need to research your clients’ requirements.  

Prepare a strategy for your personal-brand pitch that may land you in meaningful work with decent pay. Preparation will help you in a way to present yourself to be the chosen one.

v. Network:

As a freelancer, you do not need to personally network to gain reaching out to the clients of your choice. It is more than at ease to move Online to reach out via social media, Community, Websites, bloggers, and writers, etc.

Network with as many people as you can to seek help and be aware of more opportunities. Start your Personal-Brand presence in Social Media, Groups, Community, and Freelancing platform.

vi. Persist to Succeed:

Earning Money is not that easy all said than done. Budgeting your annual commitments shall provide clarity on your financial goals. You can break them from Quarterly to Weekly goals that can be attainable. 

Time your schedule of work so that it does not hamper your Personal life, Health, Stress and Dilemma. Focus on the winning strike and keep the effort persistent.

Remember, “Quitting is not an option when you want you to earn in Freelancing”.

This practice will help you with working on the pricing and payment option as well. Your income generation starts right here with this achievable goal in mind.

Why Become A Freelance Content Writer:

Businesses around you are well aware of the vitality of content writing; writers’ are stuck getting the work published in Magazines, News articles, Web posts, etc. As the competition grows day by day, the companies have become exploiting houses for devaluing the Freelancers content writers or content writing gigs.

Company’s pay the highest prices are the ones that know the value of quality content. They are happy to pay professional content writers since they believe that it will help them get ahead of their competitors.

However, once you make your walkthrough and establish your personal brand things fall in place for your sufferings. It is advisable to learn from an expert while you opt for some courses for content writing.

How to Become a Freelance Content Writer:

A professional Content Writer has to be a master in these below-mentioned abilities to be successful;

  1. Content & Framework: A writer needs to understand the headline for the post to impact traffic, and impress the focused reader.
  1. Focus: Practice brainstorming to perceive the expectation of the readers, and focus your writing based on the viewpoints. 
  1. Assume Purpose: As a representative, a content writer Cultivate the ability to relate the purpose that needs to communicate to the reader.
  1. Create Story: A skilful writer adds Personal Instances, Imaginative Stories, or narrated incidents to keep the content interesting for the reader.
  1. Research: Habit of research on a related topic will help in knowing demands, idea, and trends.
  1. Uniqueness: It is important to keeping up your style to inspire that helps creating and maintaining a personal brand.
  1. Provide insight: Content Writer needs to offer Support points, Examples, Facts, etc. on the relative topic as and when required.
  1. Simplify Style: Skilled writer practice the method to comprehend the content and be precise, logical, in-sync with the readers’ thoughts, and emotion.
  1. Quality: A content writer has to get the readers engaged, stay connected (Emotionally if possible) with the right usage of words to create curiosity, and expressions, etc.


The biggest challenge that we face is to figure out how to be more self-driven and generate income as a writer on a self-employed basis. To become more passionate about the work you do, learn the art with the help of a few online courses for content writing. Once a Professional, you can pick up an area of interest, become an expert and will find a niche.

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To get your work recognized is one step of your Credibility, To get it referred for the purpose of encouragement to gain confidence for more clients to work for is an Encouragement.

Voila! Happy to share one of my articles that has been published.

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Learn data science

Image Curated By Kirupakar .S

Are you an Individual / Employed professional who look upon Data Science as an Ocean with fear to take a dip in? Herewith this short write up I have made an attempt to shallow the floor of the ocean for clear visibility and confidence.

Let me welcome you to the emerging Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is foreseen as the era of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence which will steer the entire global transition irrespective of the industry it touches from Household to Outer Space. Let’s now look a little deep into Data Science alone.

Hope you would agree with me that all of us would have asked “What’s for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner?” to another at home during these Quarantine days. As soon as the question is raised the counter queries that come to us shall be “What would you like to have?” to the members for choices and “What’s in Store with us?” exploring the resources available for planning a suitable recipe.

Now if we look at an Organisation or any business entity it shall work on similar grounds with differing in functionality and solving real-world requirements pertaining to their situations. The amount of information in the form of DATA involved in this process is enormous thereby requiring additional support for a smooth decision-making process which requires involving SCIENCE to process and analyse these data. Hence DATA SCIENCE in simple terms is defined as Scientifically Analysing and Processing Available and Sourced Data for the purpose of arriving at the desired outcome.

Data Science is a more than 3-4 decade old concept that has evolved with the ever-changing world with extensive usage of the Internet and information Data that is been shared through it. It is now been widely used and is predicted to see huge demand with High pay packages across the globe for the Data Scientist or person who can effectively and efficiently use data science for the purpose of effective engagement and outcome.

Data Science as a concept involves 4 Stages broadly may vary depending on the depth of usage, involvement and categorisation :

  1. Problem Identification : The data Scientist identifies and defines a problem or an desired outcome along with couple of Possibilities and Probable requirements shared by the Organisation.

e.g. > Say Increase in Sales, New Product launch, R & D Requirement, Advertisement Reach, Usage of Application, Spending pattern etc…

  • Data Preparation : The data scientist then sources the required Direct and Indirect data from various resources internally and via external resources pool source. These accumulated data may be Structured or Unstructured for ease of process and Understanding. Hence required to be processed as it is been derived from a Huge Versatile ocean of data termed as BIG DATA.

e.g. > Say Client Needs, Basic Buying Pattern, Competitors Product USP, Peak Sales or Revenue, consumption Pattern, Loan requirement, New Product expectation etc...

  • Analysis and Tools : The data once gathered are being churned with the usage of Statistical and Analytical Tools such as Phython, R, Tableau, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Apache Spark, Qlikview and many more depending on the usage and availability.

e.g. > Say Info collected in Excel, Image, Pdf, E-mail, Videos, Infographics, Charts, etc…

  • Outcome / Presentation : Once these data are Analysed and Processed with the help of Algorithms and Machine Learning tool and are made available as a meaningful data set the process of decision making is been made more Optimised, Precise, Scalable and Effective.

e.g. > Launch of New Scheme, Promotional Offer for Festive Season, Interest Rate for FD/Loans/Investment instruments, New Showroom Location, Branding Timeline for Advertisement etc...

Individuals from the Non-Technical field are also using Data Science with the help of various tools that help them to Identify, Gather, Analyse and make successful decisions.

Now, do you still think Data Science is difficult? Think Again! You can be one among them.

Entrepreneurial – Digital Journey

Hai, are you an Entrepreneur, Proprietor of a Micro, Small and Mid-Size Business venture or a Freelancer?

If Yes, Read On, This small information share can be of some help or support.

BAST-PACT – Created By Kirupakar .S

Let me welcome you for the Start-Up journey a way forward. In this Write-Up, I am planning to explain a few key points that shall keep you fast toed in the Digital Arena for making your presence felt.

The Idea is to get self-prepared as a businessperson with the help of a few checklists for Business Directory posting. This will help in Create Visibility along with your efforts in Making Impressions, and Generating Leads over various Virtual Markets.

I am suggesting you shall keep the BAST-PACT ready for making your impressions count. BAST-PACT is a simple touch-point that is required to maintain handy information for every Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), and Individual entrepreneur. 

BAST-PACT is an accumulation of Information and Data in the form of Digital or Non-Digital Format consisting of:

Business NameIdentity & RecallOrganisation Name, Company Name, Brand Name, Sub Brands, Subsidiaries, Co-Brands, etc.
AddressVisit and Reach for any Vendor, Customer, Service or Product DemoDistributor, Reseller, Office, Manufacturing units, Centres, POS, Branches, etc.
Service & SupportMaintenance, Production, Core, Value-Ad, DifferentiatorPost & Pre-Sales, Delivery, Quality, Quick TAT, Expertise, Legal, etc.
Technology AdoptionProduction, Core, Value-Ad, Differentiator, MaintenanceApplication, Software, Tools Designing, Innovation, New Product, etc.
Product & PriceMaintenance, Production, Core, Value-Ad, DifferentiatorValue, Discount, Offer, Comparison, USP, Quality, etc.
AccessibilityCompare, Queries, FAQ’s, Logistics, SCMExperience, Specifications, Trial, Analysis, Transaction, Delivery Mode & TAT, Installation, etc.
Communication Interaction, EngagementChat Tools, SPOC, Toll-Free, Contact Mail / Phone, etc.
TrustworthinessTrust, Reliability, ReputationTestimonial, Legal White Papers, Registration, Verified, Reference, Certification, etc.
BAST-PACT – Curated by Kirupakar .S

Now, My Friend, As you are aware of these information requirements. Let’s get our Business Journey started.

Repeatedly crosscheck, accumulate, and keep these on hand to expand your reach and grow your business.

All the Best for your Digital Entrepreneurial Endeavor.

*** BAST-PACT Acronym also includes word-formation BASTPACT or BAST PACT.

Zeel rainwears – mumbai (siachen, Cochin)

Industrial Content Writing and Business Article Writing

Tinkle Sevaa – BNM TSK Trust, Coimbatore

BNM-TSK Trust was founded on 21st September 2006, and registered under the Trust Act (00711/06) with 12 (A) Certification and 80G exemptions by Income Tax Act, 1961, Government of India.

BNM-TSK over the years has helped in education for visually challenged children, delivered personality development programs to rural school children and youth, scholarships grants, educational support for the needy and awards for deserving students and extended mobility assistance to differently-abled citizens in and around Coimbatore. We have kept our focus to serve the underprivileged groups, rural and to join the efforts of various NGO(s), Corporate(s) and the Government, towards reaching and connecting rural India.

‘BNM TSK Trust’ motivates people towards Personality Development, Environment Awareness, Health Awareness, and Social Education, etc.


Providing a comprehensive after school education program, nutrition, healthcare and awareness camps to tribal and rural children for better learning, health and life with a special focus on girls.


Providing rural and tribal girls with a safe, healthy and holistic learning environment to complete high school, graduate at college, discover careers and vocational skills they love and commit to giving back to their communities.

Providing nutrition and conducting wellness camps for children, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating mothers, women and senior citizens in rural and tribal villages to eradicate malnutrition and hunger.

***** All your contributions has 50% tax exemption under 80G. *****

Registration Details:

PAN No. : AABTB2408G

12A Certification  | Registration No. : 00711/06 | Year : 2006

80G Exception | 127(49)/09-10/CIT-I/CBE | 07.10.15

NGO Darpan | TN/2017/0180962

NITI Aayog | TN/2009/0015945

Guide Star India | GSN Code: 8023

NGO Partnership India | TN/2009/0015945

FCRA Registration Number: 075850364


Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA (Main Branch – New Delhi)

IFSC Code: SBIN0000691


Account Number: 40097889349


Bank: Axis Bank

Branch: Kanuvai, Somayampalayam

Account Number: 917010079278759

Account Type: Current

IFSC Code: UTIB0003423

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Prof. T. Suresh Kumar: +91 8883333113 | Mr. Sambath Kumar: +91 9952756568

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