Festival Season – Lahori – Bogi

Important Day – Merry Christmas

Fundraising – Compound Wall

Give India Fundraiser

CATO Kids E-Academy

Dear Parents,

Are Your kids tired of repeated Academic Learning.

Now CATO Kids has launched a Program to wipe away your child’s boredom and recreate their fun based learning activities.

SKILL-UP Program:

– 3 month program
– Total 36 sessions
– 3 sessions per week
– Certification
– Rs 500/- per session

Join for a fun based Learning.

Contact Us: +918144094490

Trial with Canva

My trial hands on Canva for Image editing and Creative.

Absolutely Easy and User-friendly app that gives top touch but with limited Free tools.

Creation: Kirupakar .S

It’s been my first attempt. If you are a professional, I am sorry if you don’t like it but still for me a proud attempt.

Long way to go shall work on this to better the next.

Action Request: Any suggestions, techniques, and tools pls share and help.