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Instant loan app scam – Social Awareness

Don’t fall prey to unauthorised mobile apps, cautions RBI

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Remote Assets Management – Industry 4.0

Mr. Vishal’s article on field service 4.0 and remote asset management for SMB published in Industry 4.0 magazine pls do read and let me know your thoughts

Important Day – National Education Day

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National Education Day: Birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first education minister of independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.

National Education Day of India is celebrated on 11 November every year.

Digital Manufacturing

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The Other Side Story

Praveen, the owner of a coffee shop had been busy all day. Being a weekend, his shop was very crowded and the customers seemed unending.

He had been on his toes since morning. Towards the evening he felt a splitting headache surfacing.

As the clock ticked away, his headache worsened.

Unable to bear it, he stepped out of the shop leaving his staff to look after the sales.

He walked across the street to the Drug store to buy himself a painkiller to relieve his headache.

He swallowed the pill and felt relieved. He knew that in a few minutes he would feel better.

As he strolled out of the shop, he casually asked the salesgirl, “Where is Mr. Dinesh, the Pharmacists? He’s not at the cash counter today!”

The girl replied, “Sir, Mr. Dinesh had a splitting headache and said he was going across to your coffee shop. He said a cup of hot coffee would relieve him of his headache.”

The man’s mouth went dry and he mumbled, “Oh! I see.”

This is a typical case of looking outside ourselves for something that we have within us.

How strange, but true!

The Pharmacists relieves his headache by drinking coffee and the coffee shop owner finds relief in a pain relieving pill!

Similarly, many of us travel across the lengths and breadths of the universe and also visit several places to find peace.

PEACE & PROBLEM are really just a state of mind.

Eventually, we come to realize that real peace is within our own hearts and Problem we face is just a state of position at times.

Yet Another Milestone – Today

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Empowering underprivileged children and youth by providing educational aids, scholarship grants, healthcare support, skill development programs, digital literacy, career guidance and counseling at TINKLE Sevaa.

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Celebrate | For A Cause

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Celebrate – TINKLE Sevaa

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TINKLE Sevaa Team 🙏🙏

Know Creative Writing and Technical Writing

In today’s article, let us understand the Uniqueness and Similarity of two predominant types of writing styles Creative Writing and Technical Writing. However, if we think that these are how the writing styles are been classified in the world now. Then it is wrong. We shall focus on Creative Writing and Technical Writing once we understand the broader classification of writing styles. 

A. Basis of Writing Styles:

Writing styles differ broadly into FOUR classification based on the Reader or Viewer perspective and Author or Writer perspective on Subject Matter, Content, and Delivery. We shall have a brief view to understand these writing styles as mentioned below:

1. Narration: 

As the name suggests Narrative means to explain or narrate an experience or a Story-line. The writer brings into narrating an event or a couple of events in order to create an experience for the reader amongst the Characters, Twist, story-line, Mood Setting, and Climax.

E.g. Movie, Fictions, Moral & Short Stories, Travel, or Tour Experience, Biography, etc. 

2. Persuasion:

Persuasive writer influences the Selective set of readers with his/her viewpoint with logical information and emotional connection to accept the Author’s viewpoint. The writer shares his Supportive statement, Argument, Situation, Evidences, and Concluded with a call for action for the reader.

E.g. Advertisement, Marketing Collaterals, Review Publications, Resume, Proposal, Business Mailers, etc.

3. Description: 

Descriptive writer focuses on one or two dominant theme or idea that focuses on Person, Place, Thing (Real or Imaginary), Picture, Image, Theme, Impression, etc. The writer uses various ways to describe in detail with a figure of speech (Simile & Metaphor) to suit the purpose.

E.g. Fiction, Poem, Quotes, Verses, Personal Diary, etc.   

4. Exposition: 

Expository writer shares information presents figures, Compares, shares facts, and sometimes with non-familiar terms (Jargon’s, Technical Terms) to make the specific set of readers understand in comparison to something that he/she is familiar with without adding any Opinion or value. 

E.g. User Guide, Manual, Textbook (Without Opinions), Journals (Without Opinions), Magazines, Technical & Business Instruction, etc. 

B. Creative Writing and Technical Writing – Uniqueness and Similarity:

Now that we have a fair idea on these writing styles let us move to discuss further on the Similarity and Uniqueness between Creative Writing and Technical Writing. Based on the Phase of Writing Techniques the Style of the Writing may differ or shared a special focus on each of the styles of Writing.

I. Creative Writing: 

A style of writing that predominantly focuses on Imagination, Creativity, Unique, and solves the purpose of the Reader in general. 

E.g. Script Writing, Biographies, Short Stories, Poetry, Novel, Tales of Crime and Horror, etc. 

I. A. Writing Techniques used for Creative Writing:

  • Character and Characterization (Point of view, Story-line, Theme, etc.)
  • Scene & Plot (Flashback, Horror, Humor, Location, Stage Setting, etc.)
  • Dialogue, Script, and language (Imaginative, Humor, Anecdotes, etc.) 
  • Emotional appeal (Music, Song, BGM, etc.)
  • Heavy description (Twist, Devotional, Fighting Love, Climax, etc.)

II. Technical Writing: 

A style of writing that predominantly focuses on Instruction, Explanation, and Direction to solve the purpose of a reader in specific.

E.g. Agreements, Business Documents, Disclaimers, Reports, Manuals, Guides, etc.

II. A. Writing Techniques used for Technical Writing:

  • Instruction, Guidelines Focus
  • Logical and Sequential
  • Clarity of Words
  • Use of Words (Technical Terms, Specification, Quantity, Jargons, etc.)
  • Engagement (Instructional, Pattern, Do’s & Don’ts, etc.)

Understanding with a Sample: A Drama Performed on Stage  

Phases of Writing Techniques:

  1. Pre-Writing Phase:  

Creative Writing – Idea of the Writer and How this Idea can be Organised in a Sequential way. A Creative Writer focuses on the Story, Character, Background, and Audience viewpoints while at this stage. 

Technical Writing – Instruction that is required to operate and perform with the required Equipment, the Operational Procedure. An understanding of the requirement of all needs for the Drama to function.

  • Drafting Phase: 

Creative Writing – Puts things into pieces of all the Creative ingredients such as Song lyrics, Music, Imagination, and Graphics inclusion, etc.

Technical Writing – Makes available the Instruction, Protocol, Operational Keys, Settings requirement and Adjustments needed, Lighting Instructions, Screen Background fall time setting, timing cue cards for back up dialogue, etc. 

  • Revising Phase:

Creative Writing – Focuses on the Sequence, Character, and Story-line that shall be in tandem as expected. If there are any additions and Improvements required are been noted and the same is been considered for implementation.

Technical Writing – Focuses on the Crew that is on the ground available for the performance are with the knowledge of what to be done and guidance for the same is been shared at instruction. Any malfunction or issue to be resolved is also been considered and arranged for the same before in hand.

  • Editing Phase:

Creative Writing – A rehearsal of the drama is set to understand if the Purpose, Clarity in Expression, and Liveliness in Execution. Once all these are set to have been Experienced and Visualized by the Audience then the objective of the creative writer is met, else he/she has to fine-tune the required amendments to ensure that the Creativity and Purpose keeps the Audience to receive the applauds.  

Technical Writing – A rehearsal of the dram is set to understand if the Purpose, Clarity in Instruction, and acquaintance with the Technology for execution. Once all these work coordinated with the Drama on stage for the focused Crew-members to effective execution, else, he/she has to ensure changes in the Instruction or guideline followed to receive applauds.

  • Publishing Phase:

Creative Writing – Final stage a check before performance given to all the Scripts, Dialogue, Songs, Music, Characters, etc. Performance of the Stage Drama ensures that the Audience enjoys the show, relish the experience, and Murmur the song, Talks about the character, Dialogue, etc.

Technical Writing – Final Stage a check on given before the performance given to all crew-members who work behind the scene for smooth flow without interruption to the stage performance. Talks about the Crew-members as Behind the Scene who kept toiling for the success of the show.   


By now, we were able to distinguish on a major extent on the Similarities and Uniqueness of the Creative Writing and Technical Writing. We have seen that both set of Creative and Technical writing should have the Purpose, Clarity, and Liveliness similar to engage the General or the Focused set of readers. Ultimately, we may need to practice and practice to hone the skills that can make us a Creative Writing or a Technical Writing that we aspire to become. 

Freelance Content Writer – Become One


Have you ever thought of being an independent owner?

Did you think of not slaving yourself for someone else?

Have you driven towards your dream with passion?

Then this article may interest you to become a freelance content writer. Know and acquire the skills through courses for content writing with the help of your writing skill, and creativity.

Why Become a Freelancer:

Freelancing is an amazing career choice, which means No Boss, No long work time, No Travelling required, No blame pain, No Reporting, and No Review etc.

As on date, the world is changing in a rapid phase with more business challenges compelling people to more legal compliances and restriction. A freelancer is an individual who has choices beyond geographical boundaries, legal access to earn globally with less finance compliance. As a Freelancer, you have access to unlimited potential for income, working at your comfort, place, and time.

Requisite of a Freelancer:

Being a Freelancer requires many other skills apart from putting your best effort, creativity, qualification, network, and technology competencies.

You require being the latest and best in everything you do, be it technology, writing standards, Professional style, Networking Approach, Presenting oneself, etc.

Below are the few prerequisite of a Freelancer:

i. Know Self:

Self-awareness is a key aspect of being a successful freelancer. Remember to point down your passion, an area of expertise, your interest, and your niche.

Ask these questions to know yourself;

What are your obsession? What have you read? What skills from your day job can translate into a writing career?

ii. Personal Brand Creation:

Start creating a portfolio by noting key things that you possess that may help or support someone in need of your skills and expertise. Select a couple of role models in your field of interest that you admire to follow them regularly.

Do understand the Work, Failures and success stories to reach the height. You May consider blog posting, Content writing, Reviews, Adhoc gig work related to your field, etc.

iii. Learn and Work:

Being abreast with the industrial expectation, you need to be at your toes and thoughts. Invest in learning and Kick-start your work with little earning as well if required. Learn multiple courses for content writing or any other certification to acquire your Credentials professionally and make your mark above the rest.

Share more on your personal-brand. Write, Post Review, Share inputs on Social Media that can help others and show your expertise.

iv. Prepare to Present:

In the competitive world, you need a cut above the rest to get your blade across the trunk to start your cash flowing. To have a better impression, you need to research on your clients’ requirement.  

Prepare a strategy for your personal-brand pitch that may land you in a meaningful work with decent pay. Preparation will help you in a way to present yourself to be the chosen one.

v. Network:

As a freelancer, you do not need to personally network to gain reaching out to the clients of your choice. It is more than at ease to move Online to reach out via social media, Community, Websites, bloggers, and writers, etc.

Network with as many people as you can to seek help and be aware of more opportunities. Start your Personal-Brand presence in Social Media, Groups, Community, and Freelancing platform.

vi. Persist to Succeed:

Earning Money is not that easy all said than done. Budgeting your annual commitments shall provide clarity on your financial goals. You can break them to Quarterly to Weekly goals that can be attainable. 

Time your schedule of work so that it does not hamper your Personal life, Health, Stress and Dilemma. Focus on the winning strike and keep the effort persistent.

Remember, “Quitting is not an option when you want you earn in Freelancing”.

This practice will help you with work on the pricing and payment option as well. Your income generation starts right here with this achievable goal in mind.

Why Become A Freelance Content Writer:

Businesses around you are well aware of the vitality of content writing; writers’ are stuck get the work published in Magazines, News article, Web post, etc. As the competition grows day by day, the companies have become exploiting house for devaluing the Freelancers content writers or content writing gigs.

Company’s pay the highest prices are the ones who know the value of quality content. They are happy to pay professional content writers since they believe that it will help them get ahead of their competitors.

However, once you make your walkthrough and establish your personal brand things fall in place for your sufferings. It is advisable to learn from an expert while you opt for some courses for content writing.

How to Become a Freelance Content Writer:

A professional Content Writer has to be a master in these below-mentioned abilities to be successful;

  1. Content & Framework: A writer needs to understand the headline for the post to impact traffic, and impress the focused reader.
  1. Focus: Practice brainstorming to perceive the expectation of the readers, and focus your writing based on the viewpoints. 
  1. Assume Purpose: As a representative, a content writer Cultivate the ability to relate the purpose that needs to communicate to the reader.
  1. Create Story: A skilful writer adds Personal Instances, Imaginative Stories, or narrated incidents to keep the content interesting for the reader.
  1. Research: Habit of research on a related topic will help in knowing demands, idea, and trends.
  1. Uniqueness: It is important to keeping up your style to inspire that helps creating and maintaining a personal brand.
  1. Provide insight: Content Writer needs to offer Support points, Examples, Facts, etc. on the relative topic as and when required.
  1. Simplify Style: Skilled writer practice the method to comprehend the content and be precise, logical, in-sync with the readers’ thoughts, and emotion.
  1. Quality: A content writer has to get the readers engaged, stay connected (Emotionally if possible) with the right usage of words to create curiosity, and expressions, etc.


The biggest challenge that we face is to figure out how to be more self -driven and generate income as a writer on a self-employed bases. To become more passionate about the work you do, learn the art with the help of a few online courses for content writing. Once a Professional, you can pick up an area of interest, become expert and will find a niche.