FIDE | Chess Olympiad | 28th July 22 to 10th August 22 | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Image Courtesy: NewOnAir

The 44th Chess Olympiad is being held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from 28 July 2022 to 10 August 2022.

The first Chess Olympiad to take place in India.

Chess Olympiad is organised by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) or World Chess Federation, Switzerland.

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To all Participants of the 44th Chess Olympiad 2022:

Congratulations on being here in the Game.

Participation is the first step towards victory. Believe and behold the moves, trust your actions, and make the trophy yours.

Bring laurels home, and make your fellow citizens and country proud.

Great day to you.