30.09.21 | International Translation Day

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International Translation Day is observed on 30 September every year.

This day provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of language professionals. It also plays an important role in making nations together and strengthens world peace and security.

The theme of International Translation Day 2021 is “United in translation.”

26 September 21 to 02 October 21 | Weekly Thought Munch

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Workmanship than brand | Fix Your Gadget

Recently I happen to search for a Service technician/provider for RAM upgradation of my laptop in Coimbatore (a small city in Tamil Nadu, India) that I reside. During lock down, it has been a herculean task to find a safe and authorized centre for sharing my gadget to do a small RAM upgrade.

The fear factor being defrauds online cheats, wrong info, bogus work, non-quality work, physical non-existence (who claim doorstep pickup and drop), etc.

It is tough to do a secure search for a dependable, reliable, and quality service that any centre can provide. It became more difficult when we see few large number of service start-ups that pops up in and around the city in the name of own business, quality, affordable and safe service.

After a long pull of search, I came across this multi-brand and multi-device service centre named “FixYourGadget”. Couple of search, investigation, and references. Finally connected with them for availability to know if they really can help me out.

Curated Image: Kovai Kirupakar – Image Source: fb/fixyourgadget

Reviews about their work: https://indiapl.com/tamil-nadu/fix-your-gadgets-752389

Facebook Presence: https://www.facebook.com/fixyourgadgets.in/

Instagram Presence: https://www.instagram.com/fixyourgadgets.in/?hl=en

Twitter Presence: https://twitter.com/fixyourgadget?lang=de

I was more cautious, not to fall prey for some so called technical workmanship. As I have experienced this with a many service centre that collect the device, request a day or two time from client, and get the work done from another person or shop nearby add a small amount for profit and claim the workmanship, quality fee.

My worst fear was with the data, hence had all the data backed by then. Post this I shared the Laptop at the store physically and waited for an hour or two to check how they are completing it on time with effective workmanship.

Primary info shared by them post diagnostics helped me gain confidence on their process & expertise.

Great! I got my work done on time with complete service to my best satisfaction. Yes, the cost was optimal when compared in the market.

If you are around plz do connect for your requirement.

Contact: Mobile & Whatsapp – +919751350505 – Fix Your Gadget

Note: Always do take precautions on the devices and the data you share with anybody.

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Baby crawl to toddler walk | BNM TSK Trust (TINKLE Sevaa)

15th year anniversary wishes to all the members of BNM TSK Trust family.

BNM TSK as a family has seen stories of moment to cherish, leave the negative aside take up the learning, and focus on service and well-being of the society it serves. Also along people with love and care.

Courtesy: BNM TSK Trust

TINKLE Sevaa has been a wonderful child with lot of fun packed and growth, though we have seen struggle in some stages, the founder (Thiru. Suresh Kumar) has shown an indomitable spirit to keep an watch over to make it a come back with the pace, and agility.

Thanks a billion to the Team, Tutors, Donors, CSR corporates, Clubs and well-wishers for your support aside us and being the reason for thousands of cherished memories.

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Curator: Kovai Kirupakar

19 September 21 to 25 September 21 | Weekly Thought Munch

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12 September 21 to 18 September 21 | Weekly Thought Munch

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10th September | Ganesha Chaturthi AKA Vinayaka Chaturti

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May the divine blessings of Lord Ganesh make your life blissful and happy. May all your dreams get fulfilled and you find the strength to overcome every obstacle.

“Om Gan Ganapatay Namo Namah! Shri Siddhivinayak Namo Namah! Asta Vinayak Namo Namah! Ganapati Bappa Moraiya!”

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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