The Right Now Moment

The Right Now Moment

Curation: Kirupakar .S

Awareness | Dream For A Better Education

It’s ideal to have a kick start ahead of time, planning your Education is one of the Dream come true opportunities for many.

Courtesy: Cresta Education

Connect to consult and avail the opportunity today for a better tomorrow.

Courtesy: Cresta Education

Way Marker | Trial with Canva

My trial hands-on Canva for Image editing and Creative.

Absolutely Easy and User-friendly app that gives top touch but with limited Free tools.

Creation: Kirupakar .S

It’s been my first attempt. If you are a professional, I am sorry if you don’t like it but still for me a proud attempt.

Long way to go shall work on this to better the next.

Action Request: Any suggestions, techniques, and tools pls share and help.

The Right Now Moment

Curation: Kovai Kirupakar

The Right Now Moment

The Right Now Moment

“Yesterday does not have a Forward Gear, Tomorrow does not have a Reverse Gear,

But we do have Neutral Gear for the Day called Today.

Use the Time Wisely, Cherish the Moment.”

Kovai Kirupakar

Awareness | Tribute to Indian Soldiers

12th June | Child Labour Day

I pitty and feel shame on those humans, who are Nugatory and Clumsy that they exploit children for labour.

Courageous and Smart people Educate and Empower them to light the entire world for the generation to come.