The Garden and The Sky

Life has many hidden secrets for all of us in our own ways, some may be Pleasant and some may be Unfortunate. In each such situations how we choose to react and be understood by our recipient lie the pathway to our destiny.

Ironically each and every time and again you shall not be at the same state of Neutrality, Positive or Negative on the choices you make towards the situation life throws at you.

When I deeply think of such things in my life that I have come through, I tend to see the SKY (Seek Solution, Knowledge Search, Your Experience) with open mind to think of Ideas, Choices & Solution to React or Choices to deside towards destiny. Other ways sky is the place which is not much crowded as it’s not much reachable but yet vast to accomodate many fold.

On the other hand the outcome or the pathway towards destiny made I see it’s to be like a GARDEN (Gives, Assurance, Rationally, Defining, Equilibrium & Novelty) to bring in a holistic way towards life. Other ways garden is a place for Variety of Plants producing Flowers or No-Flowers, Fruits or No-Fruits, but attracts Insects & Animals, Mesmerize our mind to provide Harmony.

Now at this Situation of COVID-19 Lockdown I tend to look at the SKY for Solution. I get to know the Situation, Gather info on the Endless possibilities of recovery & economic state, Ruins & Pain that this situation shall leave on me, measure or steps that I can make.

After a churn of possibilities I decide to make few decisions that can bring change that I want when I look at the GARDEN which provides confidence to face, needs to effect learning, source of other independent income, network of closely knitted people for a contented & sustainable living.