The Right Now Moment

“Hesitation brings back only regret when you quit on the last mile,

Keep Your Prayers Positive & Strong, You Will Be Heard & Helped.”

– Kovai Kirupakar

Kutty Story | Nightmare or Oblivion

We always do dream of our Life, Work, Love, Vacation, Success and What Not those are Awaited or Aspired about Our Future, But Life Never Seems to be the Same at Some Point When We are Struck with a Nightmare that can change the Way We look from the Point of our Oblivion. Every Thing Around us is a Chaos and our Past Experience and Efforts are Nullified. And Now is the Breaking Point that We Need to Actually Think of Not Quitting But Still be THERE (Position) in the Race of Life be THERE (Finish) in the Destiny of Life. Ultimately We Are Here To Sound Out Louder Than Before That Faith & Belief to Win Over Destiny.

The Right Now Moment

“Everyone looks for a Change,

That can bring in the Good in everyone as the New Way,

When the Time throws a Challenge at you to test your Perseverance and Patience,

That’s when you look for a New Beginning.”

– Kovai Kirupakar

Kutty Story | The Garden and The Sky

Life has many hidden secrets for all of us in our own ways, some may be Pleasant and some may be Unfortunate. In each such situation how we choose to react and be understood by our recipient lie the pathway to our destiny.

Ironically each and every time and again you shall not be at the same state of Neutrality, Positive or Negative on the choices you make towards the situation life throws at you.

When I deeply think of such things in my life that I have come through, I tend to see the SKY (Seek Solution, Knowledge Search, Your Experience) with an open mind to think of Ideas, Choices & solutions to React or Choices to decide towards destiny. Other ways sky is the place which is not much crowded as it’s not much reachable but yet vast to accommodate much fold.

On the other hand, the outcome or the pathway towards destiny made me see it’s to be like a GARDEN (Gives, Assurance, Rationally, Defining, Equilibrium & Novelty) to bring in a holistic way towards life. In other ways garden is a place for a Variety of Plants producing Flowers or No-Flowers, Fruits or No-Fruits, but attracts Insects & Animals, Mesmerize our minds to provide Harmony.

Now in this Situation of COVID-19 Lockdown, I tend to look at the SKY for Solution. I get to know the Situation, Gather info on the Endless possibilities of recovery & economic state, Ruins & Pain that this situation shall leave on me, measure or steps that I can make.

After a churn of possibilities I decided to make a few decisions that can bring change that I want when I look at the GARDEN which provides confidence to face, needs to affect learning, source of other independent income, network of closely knitted people for a contented & sustainable living.

22nd April | World Earth Day

This Year 2020 saw a very special Earth Day as we humans did have a very insignificant role to play in the theme “Climate Action”. Nature has sorted its own way of isolating (Quarantining) humans & reclaiming its space back.

Many a time we have seen multifold Climatic degradation by continuous interruption & dominant behaviour as well as an attitude by Humans towards the planet, totally neglecting the fact that we are sharing the same planet.

As earthlings with vast flora & fauna, it’s our responsibility. We need to start learning to co-exist & respect their space on this planet.

The Right Now Moment

“When You Work Towards SUCCESS with FOCUS,

You Shall Become a MASTER,

But When You Work Towards PERFECTION With PASSION,

You Shall Become a LEGEND.”

– Kovai Kirupakar

Poll | Did You Make the LockDown Meaningful

Kutty Story | Nature Calls, Are We Listening!

Let me start with a wish I prayed this festive season during our In-home days.

“Dear God, Our Almighty, Let this viral wave come to an end and let our fellow citizens of the world come out of their home and start their normal routine. May you give strength to all to bounce back to normal”

Author Quote Kovai Kirupakar

It has become our worst nightmare but not a dream which we humans have not even thought of, being in quarantine for more than 40 days in a row around the globe, as we run away from our closed once and normal activities for every single person from all walks of life.

We are more concerned about the near future as an individual that we kick start our Business, jobs, Unfinished Projects, Works that got Stuck up, Piled due diligence etc. Our greatest incapable technology that has not supported in times of such need of the hour. No Robot or any human innovation on the ground for Testing, Treatment, Quarantine effort nor helping to rehabilitate. All human involvement is seen with greater risk.

Beauty Covered In The Cloud

Believe in what your faith drives you towards and that we humans have survived all that we have faced from time to time. Have we learnt from our experience to respect fellow Humans, or every creature as earthlings and give respect and space to one another? We have agreed on a little to change our attitude towards everything on this planet.

However, one thing for sure is that all that happens and have happened, I personally believe is for good and is the need of the hour as a Gestation or Hibernation by nature on its own accord. We may have different hypotheses or scientific theories on this global scenario of COVID-19 but all said and done life and journey has to go on.

The bigger question that lies ahead is that once we receive the second chance are we intelligent enough to care for what we are and what we have? Do we again take things for Granted? Are our Technological innovations strong enough to safeguard us from such future catastrophic phenomena? Do we really have such innovation through AI, RPA, Machine Learning or anything else to help Humans or to make things worse?

What do you think? Share your thoughts and inputs. #StayHome #StaySafe #StayPositive #StayStrong

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