Kutty Story | Election Days Gossip

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I recall a day sometime back once I was having a conversation with a couple of localities a few days prior to the election when the campaign was at its peak. The talk was more intense on the vote bank and money laundering.

One of the person started to narrate an incident shared by someone from a nearby village in which the party person (Political Party Representative) was trying to convince the fellow villager (Daily Wager kind off) for an X amount (Say Rs. 1000 per Vote) per voter in a household which has around 4 members.

While the fellow villager insisted the party person buy a donkey or two instead of money of a person, surprised by the intention the party person asked the fellow villager “What’s that you are planning to do with the donkey?“. The fellow villager replied that “I shall graze that in the open lands & sell its milk for a living“. Agreeing to the urge by the fellow villager the party person left the place to enquire about the feasibility of the deal.

After a couple of days, the party person returned to the fellow villager and yelled in despair “Boss a single donkey cost more than 15k and even accounting to your entire household members vote bank on money terms, it’s not possible“. He also added that “a donkey yields 1-1.5 litres per day & it’s sold at Rs.500 per 100 ml of milk.

On hearing this the fellow villager replied: “Why is it that we voters are valued less while a donkey costs more than what a voter is valued for, however in both the cases Donkey & Voter are slaves “.

The party person understood that he had been thought a lesson for his act of exploiting people & left the place with anger.

The entire members along with me who had gathered nearby to hear this narrative story burst into laughter.