My Look-out

Be Unimaginable, Be Dependable, Be Resourceful, Be Independent,

Be Actionable, Be Optimal, Be Creative, Be Curious,

Be Agile, Be Happy, Be Intended, Be Universal,

Be Unbound, Be Spiritual.

Be A Freelancer

– Kovai Kirupakar

I am Not A Complete Personality of A Single Persona, But an Vibrant Human with Multiple Persona inhabiting personalities like an ardent Marketer, Freelancer, Traveler, Adventure Seeker, Spiritual, Free Spirit with Bound Earthly Connection.

I would like to explore more possibilities and opportunities that gives more Learning, Unlearning and Re-Learning experience to contribute towards Business acumen or that for a social cause.

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Value additions i make


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  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Admission Service
  • Fundraising Promotion
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook and Google Ads)

Service & Support

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  • Soft Skill Training
  • Interview Preparation and Mock Session
  • Freelance Recruitment (Non – Technical)
  • Campus Placement (Campus – To – Corporate)
  • Fresher Employability Skill
  • Group Discussion Sessions
  • Social Media Presence (Profile / Page Creation)
  • Virtual Business Expansion (Multiple Portal Business Listing)
  • Social Work Virtual Support Service (Media Handling/Promotion/Documentation, etc.)

Digital content

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  • Content Writing
  • Article Writing
  • News Letter Writing
  • We Content Writing (Industrial / Service)
  • Creative Content Writing
  • Business Professional Writing Service (E-Mail/Presentation/Pitch Script/Ad Content/Sales Pitch)
  • Blog Writing
  • Company Profile Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Review/Feedback Writing

Let Me Add Value To Something You Build